The Essence of Life
  We live in a water challenged world and clean drinking water is a fundamental right of all citizens. DEWS is committed to a project of providing 7 villages with clean drinking water with the focus on children who constantly fall ill due to water-borne diseases.

Water is also a strong integrating component in rural Bengal. It provides the women folk a “ meeting point” at the tube-well sites in the villages to articulate their concerns and problems. In many instances poor landless women are heading the campaign for fresh water and community social reforms.
100 Villages provided with Clean Drinking Water    
  7 Villages provided with Clean Drinking Water Poor access condemns women and children to spend hours in water collection, time that could instead be utilized for income generation and education, especially for female children. And unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation are the cause of severe health problems throughout the developing world. Millions of the world’s poorest people – mainly women and children die from water-related diseases each year. For example, diarrhoea can be both prevented and cured by the most simple means. Yet this disease accounts for a significant proportion of deaths of children under 5 years in India.

Access to clean water, safe sanitation, therefore correlates closely with other critical targets such as child mortality, gender equity and enrolment in education, and severe poverty.
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