DEWS was founded in 2012 with the blessings and patronage of Mother Teresa, who was a source of inspiration for 21 years. Gajendra Singh and Neeraj Chaudhary are the guiding lights.
Works of education are works of peace and development. We have imparted elementary education to many dis-privileged children and have set up 2 secondary schools with the focus on pedagogy of education, its quality, not numbers, and its access and effectiveness on the ground. The society is also involved in rural renewal projects with emphasis on the well-being of women, provision of potable drinking water & a greener environment.

Reverence for life should find reflection in all our practices in everyday life.

Love will have a new meaning in the 21st century if it embraces compassion, tolerance, understanding, and affirmative action to stand on the right side of the poor. We have to protect the sanctity and dignity of the small person.

May we, through our reverence for life, raise our existence to its highest level and offer it to create a world where we illuminate the hearts and minds of our children, enrich the confluence of culture and religion among our people, and recognize the oneness of humanity.
I am happy to share with you our unfolding story and seek your indugence.
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