Bachelor of Science in Biotech

About the Program The Biotechnology BSc degree aims to apply modern molecular aims to apply modern molecular biology to industrially and agriculturally important problems.

This program will focus on the use of cells and biological molecules to make useful products and solve problems in medicine, agriculture, public health, research and development, industrial and commercial production, and environmental science. The program will introduce students to a detailed study of lipids, proteins, vitamins, hormones and biochemistry. It also includes detailed studies in microbiology, genetics, bio-physics, animal cell-culture, environmental biology, immunology, plant & animal biotechnology, molecular biology and entrepreneurship. The course entails an introduction to the basic structure and function of cells, cell-cycle growth and death; protein structure and metabolism and gene replication. It gives an overview of the development and testing of vaccines, the prevention of disease and the role of vaccines in society.


  • Development & Testing of vaccines
  • Prevention of Disease
  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Governance
  • Principles of Management

Career Opportunities

Students can join pharmaceutical companies; use the acquired knowledge in medicine, agriculture and immunology. They can also find employment in Food Beverage and Dairy Industry and Environmental Preservation Units.

Biotechnologists can also work in many areas of science including research and teaching.

Students can find jobs in industries producing enzymes, alcohols, acids, vitamins, hormones etc, pollution control, environmental preservation units, water treatment plants etc, and in all industries associated to biological products, in the field of quality assurance quality control, production and research & development.