Bachelor in Hotel Management

This is a Four Year (eight semester) Under Graduate Degree programme of Bangalore University. The course is designed for studentsí direct entry into the Hospitality Industry. Opportunities for Hotel Management Graduates is not only restricted to Hotels but also there is an ample opportunity for entry into other allied and enabled industry namely Airlines, Shipping, Travel, Tourism etc.

It has been proved that the Hospitality / Service Industry will account for every 75% of the total job opportunity available across the globe in the coming years. The statistical data in India also supports the above logic regarding job opportunities in the service sector.

India has adopted the liberalization policy with respect to its economy and has of late opened up as an important tourist destination paving the way for an unprecedented boom of the Travel and Tourism sector. Recognizing the potential for job opportunities, Sri. Jayachamrajendra Education Society has started the KGI College of Management Studies which boasts of an exclusive Department of Hotel Management.

Objectives of the Course

  1. To develop the right skills necessary in star hotels so as to meet the requirements according to the industry expectations.
  2. To develop the required skills in Food & Beverage Production.
  3. To develop the required skills in the Food & Beverage Services.
  4. To develop the required skills in the House Keeping & Front office operations.
  5. To develop the required skills in communication for a better career in the Hospitality Industry.
  6. To provide basic knowledge in hygiene, food safety and nutrition in line with International standards.
  7. To enable the candidates to manage any hotel related business as well as any allied business.

Duration of the course

The Course of study for the BHM Degree shall extend over a period of four academic years, each academic year comprising of two semesters, and excluding the duration of examination each semester comprising sixteen weeks of class work.