Bachelor of Business Management

All Business houses in this country and elsewhere, however large or small, are now looking for a professional to handle their business activities. Today an ordinary Degree without specialisation in any Professional line cannot get an opening in the management cadre. Our team of management faculty Consists of well qualified, dedicated and experienced personnel. Students will be exposed to "live" Project work in different types of organizations like manufacturing, service, marketing etc. Apart from the regular staff of the college, experts from relevant fields will be visiting the college to share their thoughts and experiences with the students through guest lecturers, seminars etc.

The Specific Objectives of the Programmes consist of the following

  1. To develop the knowledge and perspective skills among the candidates towards business activity and make them effective managers.
  2. To expose the candidates to the environments- social, economics and legal in which business functions.
  3. To enable the candidates to understand the individuals, groups and organizations as they do.
  4. To equip the candidates with the knowledge of using computers, quantitative tool and analytical Methods to help them in decision making.
  5. To familiarize the candidates with the function of Management.
  6. To facilitate an in depth study of one of the elective groups.

Objective of the Course

The Primary purpose of the three year programme of Bachelor of Business Management is to provide a High quality professional education in Business for your men and women who wish to Join Junior executive position on Industry, Business and non-profit organizations.

  • To seek entrepreneurial or self-employment position especially in small industries.
  • To serve as business oriented computer professionals.