Careers & Placement

KGI will work closely with students in their endeavors to secure suitable employment upon graduation. On campus career fairs will be organized to help generate awareness among students regarding opportunities.

Career related programmes and experiences during college in the form of internships will enhance academic experience and assist in exploring career options. Time management skills and confidence is also developed during internships. Such programmes will help build a network while exploring careers.

Academic Advisors will conduct workshops that will help students evaluate themselves and improve their talents and interests. Specific learning objectives will be indicated to enhance your chances at employment. Career Counselors will help students work towards their goals at employment. Available opportunities will be discussed and students will be made aware of the requirements involved.

Apart from Careers fairs, the college will maintain relations with the industry in regard to openings for students. Students can interact with executives from companies to develop a relationship to facilitate future employment.

Students will also be helped in fulfilling basic requirements like making a resume, providing cover letters and experience certificates.